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FFA Painting Project

Funny how life works.  Just when you think you've 'moved on', you sometimes end up back in the place you started.  I relive those sentiments right now, as I am in progress on a commissioned painting for the MN FFA Foundation!  A former FFA member myself, I served as the New Ulm FFA Chapter President, and later the MN State FFA Secretary.  My blue jacket has hung in the back of the closet for the past 30 years, until a couple of weeks ago.  I was asked to be a part of a video filming to promote the painting and the project I am working on, and would I please bring along my FFA jacket if I still had it.  My thoughts were," Dear God - please don't make me wear it!! " (Although later in the week, just to prove a point to myself, I did put it back on and yes, zipped it up...all the way I might add!) So let me tell you a bit about this project.  This is the FFA Legacy Club Campaign and is being commissioned by the MN FFA Foundation.  Dollars raised from the efforts of this group will be used to help support FFA Chapters at the local level.  You may read more about this exciting developmental program by visiting and read "Introducing FFA Legacy Club", and then click 'Join today' at the bottom to read more!  The painting is about half finished now, and I am very excited about how things are developing.  The new painting will be used in this project as a presentation in the form of a canvas giclee' to donors, and the signed and numbered prints will be available to purchase.  More details as things unfold.  Both the original and reproductions will be on hand for viewing at the upcoming MN FFA Convention in April. It's back to work for now........ Happy Valentine's Day to one and all - wishing you a date-night out, wine and chocolates, something sparkly in a little box, a mushy card, flowers, or whatever it is that makes you smile!    Thanks for reading, Bonnie