Spring Farming

This is the week!! I believe that farming will officially begin this week in Minnesota! While running errands yesterday - I saw two guys in the field, one was doing spring tillage and the other was planting corn! We are suppose to hit the 70's by the end of the week - that will mean that just about every farmer will be busy in the fields!  Speaking of farming -it was a year ago right now I was finishing my version of FARMING! The verse that I wrote for this painting really speaks my heart for the lifestyle we live. As you, or your husband,  or your neighbors, or your friends,  or your relatives gear up for the 2016 farming season we ask for God's blessings on a safe and bountiful year ahead!  


Farming is a PASSION - a devoted and HONORABLE way of life. It is a Heritage and a LEGACY that connects one GENERATION to the next and the force that feeds the world. Farming requires a STRONG MIND, BIG HEART, and PROFOUND PATIENCE to weather long hours, harsh conditions, and unpredictable prices. There is a spiritual presence on the farm and in the land. Here, FAITH, COMMITMENT, and INTEGRITY provide strength for the unwavering labor that is the foundation of life itself. It is where roots run as deep in the house as they do in the field - where FAMILIES are bound strong because of shared experiences, and are grown with LOVE and TENDERNESS. It is where examples speak louder than words, and where thanksgiving happens more than once a year. Thank you God for agriculture and the life of farming

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This past weekend - John and I attended the RAIN International Conference in Dallas, TX! What is RAIN International? It is the first of it's kind, seed-based nutritional supplement in the US. It's lead product, SOUL, reaches the cellular level of your body delivering wellness and healing like no other vitamin, mineral or pill product! SOUL reduces inflammation in your body by 33%!! It is an antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory! Email me today for more information!

I just have to share this photo - we met with and listened to Dennis Parker speak while in Dallas! Dennis is the Texas high school football coach, along with his team, and his inspirational story that led to the movie FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! His heart is as big as he is - we enjoyed meeting Dennis - and his inspiring story.  

Look all around you today and see the wonder -