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Spring cleaning!

Daylight Savings Time this weekend - yeah!! This 'happening' makes my TOP TEN List. My whole system seems to be more alive and productive with more daylight hours!! I even put a pair of shorts on yesterday just to celebrate the 'soon to come' arrival of spring/summer. AROUND THE STUDIO... Most recently I was asked by Fr. Brian to help pick new paint colors for our church. A big job in my books! I first narrowed my choices to about 150 and have had them laying on the kitchen table for a week now. Looking, thinking, evaluating! Today we will meet with a professional consultant and review my narrowed choices of about 30. Other news: It's cleaning time around here! Diane and Lana and John have been busy cleaning up and throwing out (that's one quick way to clean I guess)  all over the shop. They have me locked up here in my studio, while they 'tidy' things up over in the shop. What's all the fuss??? Mark your calendar for the SPRING PARTY at Bonnie Mohr Studio - Saturday, April 18 from 8am-4pm. Put on your spring bonnet (or at least something fun) and come enjoy a day out on us. A FREE Geranium plant to the first 50 customers, freshly baked muffins from my kitchen, and almost everything will be on sale. Door prizes and a 'Yard Sale Section' with props-furniture-and antiques awaits you. I'm also working on the production of 'I DO', hope to have everything ready in about 2 weeks - we will be posting the special 'pre-publishing offer' soon. Next week I will begin a new piece saluting our men and women who are serving in the military. COWTALES AND FARM NEWS... John is staying busy with the cows - calving has slowed down, but lots of other things to do. With some occasional warmer weather, 'spring cleaning' has also begun around the lots and cow yard. The manure spreader is it's own parade, going up and down the road to the fields for delivery! We also have a new trainee on our farm! Christoph flew in from Germany on Monday... stay tuned, you will meet him on next week's blog. FAMILY MATTERS... While driving Taylor to gymnastics in St. Peter the other night - I captured this wonderful picture on my cheap video recorder/camera. Wow - few things in life are more beautiful than the nature God created himself. I am in awe of the magnificent colors on His palette. As busy as life gets, it's easy to pass these things by. So to each of you, my hope is that you can find time each day, to smell the roses and see the sunsets! Have a wonderful day, Thanks for reading,