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New snow, and a new painting

AND THE WINTER MARCHES ON... another snowstorm hits Minnesota yesterday... the kids were home from school by noon. Just when I was starting to think spring - yet another blast of winter comes-a-calling! My schedule pretty much goes out the window when this chaos hits. On the flip-side, it slows down the world we live in for a half a day, and everyone got a little 'play' and 'rest' time. AROUND THE STUDIO,... I don't know that I have ever 'putzed' with a painting so much as I did with this one. F I N A L L Y complete is my new marriage painting called 'I DO'. I've written a companion verse that will be added to the bottom of this painting, along with a border,... this creative work and printing details are being finalized right now. Hopefully, it will be posted on the website within a week or so. It's a lovely piece, and I hope you will enjoy sharing it with 'newlyweds' or those who are soon to be married! Next up on the easel will be a painting to salute and pay tribute to our men and women in the military. I'm anxious to get going on this piece. COWTALES AND FARM NEWS... I wish I could say lots of happy things in this department, but I just don't feel that way today! Yesterday, we received news that there are more dairy farmers in the area calling it 'quits', and some of these are 'top-shelf' guys. Milk prices have plummeted to another extreme low... our last milk check was almost half of what it was 8 months ago, and is way under our break-even. You can cut back, cut-out, and skimp until there is no where else to save, but with no control over what you are paid for your product - there comes a point when you can only survive for so long when you are 'losing money every day'. My heart is sad for these wonderful dairy farmers who are being forced out of the industry because they are not being paid a fair price for their hard labors. My prayers go out today for all farmers, especially those milking cows. And I especially say 'thank you' to my guy - John - who continues to get up at 5am, and greets the day with a smile as he heads out the door to the barn, he is amazing, and truly loves what he does! FAMILY MATTERS... on to more happy things... this snowman MAKES ME SMILE! Just before the snowstorm hit, my little Jacob built this darling snowman after school one day, on his way out for chores in the barn. I didn't get to picture him until the next day, and the sun had already melted him, causing his eyes and mouth to fall off - I love it just the same. The second trimester of the school year ends today, so the kids have been studying hard! The time is flying. We are busy filling out scholarship and financial aide as Amanda is nearing the end of her Senior year. Everyone is well' I promise to be more frequent with these blogs - thanks for reading and have a nice day!