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New Painting and Olympic Gold!!

February 1st already - I can't believe it!! It seems like just a blink ago, it was New Year's Day, and now the month has vanished. After a couple week's of absence, I've managed to find a few minutes to sit down and write this blog. (I'm forgoing the pre-game show of SuperBowl just to get this done. No worries, I'm not really a football guru anyway!) By the time you read this blog, the game will be history, thousands of pizzas will have been consumed, and life as we know it on Monday morning will be resumed as normal! The best news - we are one day closer to spring!
AROUND THE STUDIO... My excuse for not much blogging is that I've been busy painting!! (Pretty good excuse, huh?) Here is the completed version of 'Silent Night'. I realize this piece will not hit everyone the same, but for those of us who have gone out at 2am to check on a cow for calving, or just to do a routine walk-through, this is a heartfelt scene and stirs an emotional comfort that only a dairy farmer can probably appreciate. It's sort of like peaking in on your kids at night, after you've already tucked them in. You walk through the house one last time, to make sure they are covered up, warm and safe. This painting will be out later this year as a Christmas card and print/giclee. Right now, I'm in the final stages of completing an inspirational 'marriage' piece. Stay tuned!
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... January was amazing. We were one day short of setting a new record for consecutive cold days... or something like that. Believe me, there comes a point it just really doesn't matter what the record is. John has been blessed though with an awesome run of heifer calves. Of the last 9 cows to calve, all but one have had baby girls. Sweet! The bitter cold temps make dairy farming tough though,... everything is froze up, and chores take twice as long. Milk prices are scheduled to crash in February, just like everything else. The good Lord willing, we will survive! FAMILY MATTERS... Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler, John Peterson - Wisconsin, came for a visit and spent a night with us! Our boys quizzed him with questions, enjoyed a great meal together, and had a practice session in the basement! Thank you John, it is every boys dream to share one-on-one time with an Olympic Champion! The school year is now half over, the days are starting to get longer (yeah!) and so far ? no one has had the flu... so I guess I could say LIFE IS GOOD! Keep warm friends, and thanks for reading!