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Winter hangs on

Yet another snowstorm blew through MN a day ago and we awoke to 15 below temps this morning. Unbelievable! Within the next few days, and maybe by the time you read this blog, we are suppose to be into the 40-50's... so THAT WILL BE GREAT! The longer days of sunshine are very welcomed though, and I have already bought some garden seeds - I know... simple things for simple people!!
AROUND THE STUDIO... on a recent trip to Minneapolis, to my 'color people' at DiGi Graphics, I discovered several beautiful wall murals in one of the prep rooms. I knew that DiGi had the ability to take art and make wall murals from it, but this was even cooler than I would have expected. Pictured here is Dave, me account person, standing next to just one of the beautiful murals at their company. It is something to keep in mind as you build, remodel, or for that big wall in your house or office that awaits something spectacular... a Bonnie Mohr wall mural!! Also working on finishing touches of the 'I DO' image, and getting ready for press on this piece - we should be posting details by early next week.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... I would like to introduce you to Christoph Aehling! Chris arrived to our farm just last week from Germany. He will be training and learning about US Dairy practices on our farm for the next 6 months. Chris is from a 150 cow dairy farm himself and has a great knowledge of farm life - we welcome him and are already enjoying his company. I prepared a delicious sauerkraut and pork dinner to make him feel at home!! (We are of German descent too!!) Other than that - just waiting for spring.
FAMILY MATTERS... Hidden talents lie within all of us!! While attending a gymnastics meet in St. Peter, MN a couple weeks ago, we passed by a residents home - and saw this incredible statue of Lincoln carved out of snow! This fella was busily carving away at the frozen ice chunk on his front lawn, whistling and smiling as he worked. It was amazing - so we stopped to visit with him and took pictures. He said he had previously done Mr. Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty. He was doing them 'just because'... he enjoyed doing them and it brought joy to by-passers. Our little Zach crawled up on Abe for a photo shoot! The kids are all staying healthy and doing a good job in school. The sports continue, we will be heading to regions and state (hopefully) in the next few weeks. Wishing for spring... thanks for reading...