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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

Schools out and Summer is here!!

It's hard to believe a whole month has passed by since my last blog. Just back from a world trip... I didn't think you would buy that. Wow - all I can say is that I just didn't get to it with all the frenzy of finishing up the school year with 5 children -' our oldest being a Senior! Major work, major cleaning, major everything! So I will break the last month's worth of activity into a BIG BLOG this week and another BIG BLOG next week for all you BLOG-ALONGS who like to read... if it gets too boring... no worries... you can head over to 'Shop the Gallery', and enjoy a quality shopping experience! Pleased to congratulate Katelyn, chosen one of GSL's Students of the Month in May . She was awarded this honor from her Spanish teacher... great job Katie! The students were honored with a parent-invite breakfast and certificate award! I also had a chance to be a parent chaperone on Jacob's 4th grade field trip to Pioneer Park in Annandale during the last week of school. What fun - a rebuilt village of the 1800's, narrated by the 'villagers' at each stop throughout the small town. We also enjoyed a great picnic lunch and fabulous bus ride!!! It has also been my privilege to meet and become friends with Jacob's grade teacher... Ms. Waage. Let me just say that if all teachers had the zest, energy, wisdom, and love for teaching and children as does this woman - the world would be different than we know it today. Ms. Waage, this blog is dedicated to you, and your never-ending passion and love for the children you teach. You have touched them and their parents (including me!) in more ways than you'll ever know. Thank you. We surprised her with this flowering crab tree on the last day of school as a very special gift for all she has done as she will be retiring this year. A JOB WELL DONE - THANK YOU MS. WAAGE. I would have to believe that no parent could ever be prepared enough for what's involved in a Graduation or Graduation Party!! *It just about took me out!* Of course, I wanted it to be perfect, and so I imagine I knocked myself out more than would have been necessary, but it was worth every bit, and I would do it all over again. I purchased fabric that we made table clothes from. Karen (great friend, wonderful neighbor and 15 year employee of BMS) sewed them up for us... THANK YOU KAREN - you are the best, and they were perfect!! And then there was the 'hamburger browning party' and 'barbecue making bash'! This was a marathon event - all hands were on deck. We browned 70 lbs. of our own Glenmark hamburger one night , and made it all into BBQ's the next night. Needless to say, after that night, I was sure I would have to have a ham sandwich on the day of our party. Tune in next week for a look at the Graduation event and a peak at my newest painting (now in progress!!). We are all fine, the farm is fine, life is fine... and I hope you are fine too! Thanks for reading.....