My hand routinely hit the '6' key this morning to save this blog as a June entry - remembering it is July 1st today, my mind did that ol' 10 second panic "My gosh - where is the summer!" The list of things I need to get done this summer is at least 6 months long and I only have about 3 months left. 'Get busier girl'............I  imagine you are packing the camper and getting your 'TO DO' list in order for the big 4th of July weekend?! Have fun!! Thankfully I don't have a camper, nor do I want one - It would require ME to clean the camper, buy the supplies, haul everything home, stock the camper, be in charge of keeping the camper sanitary for 3 days and then clean out the camper when we got home. Life is perfect for us to just head to a local lake for the big day and enjoy John's family friendly fireworks show by evening!  It doesn't amount to much more than 5 or 6 bottle rockets which only go about 20 feet into the air - actually the most exciting part about this are the cows who have gotten scared over the years and have busted out of the electric fence! But the campfire in our back yard usually makes up for all the trauma of the fireworks event! Ha.

On a more calming note....summer really is the time of year to 'kick back' and enjoy some family-time, you-time, lake-time, relaxation-time, or whatever-kind-of-time you call it to RELAX and RENEW.  The magic of warm sunny days and comfortable evenings remind us to take some time to slow down, unwind, and enjoy the great outdoors! When I painted 'RENEW' a few years ago - it was an affirmation to myself that in the frenzy of life, sometimes what we need the most is a weekend of peace and calm at the lake, at the cabin, or just in your own backyard...some time to slow down and rejuvenate the mind and body. Happy Summer - I hope you will find some time to enjoy a few relaxing days this 4th of July weekend! (And remember, keep the fireworks away from the cow yard ; )

A final 'farewell' to June Dairy Month....thank you to everyone who participated in our month long celebration of events!  Also - we love the travelers and vacationers who have been stopping by Bonnie Mohr Studio this summer - come one, come all.....the yard is beautiful this time of year, the cows are always interested in visitors and the Studio and Gallery await you!

Still working on those new paintings......stay posted!

Thanks for reading -


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