Cow Appreciation Day!

Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, July 14th, the world celebrates Cow Appreciation Day! MOO-MOO!! Starting today, you have 7 full days to pre-party this moostalgic occasion! Here are some inspirational ideas to help you make the most of this special cow awareness, cow lov'in day:

1.  Surprise your co-workers and dress like a cow

2.  Eat chicken

3.  Conduct a 'Moo-off' Competition

4.  Visit a local pasture and admire the beauty of a cow

5.  Learn to speak 'cow'

6.  Buy a Bonnie Mohr Cow Print

7.  Have someone else buy you a Bonnie Mohr Cow Print

And there you have it....the seven day count down so that you can full embrace and prepare for Cow Appreciation Day. 

So, how were your fireworks?  Ours was traditional - 10 bottle rockets that went up 30 feet - and yes it scared the cows again....first they ran away and then they ran back - and then they didn't seem to know where to go, and they just stood there and watched, like the rest of us!  They seemed fascinated and engaged!  Sadly, this is the only picture I captured - but we had a good laugh over it all ; ) I started the morning of July 5th off with a bang though, with my famous homemade chocolate chip pancakes!!  That always  seems to make a holiday weekend bigger and better - so when you can't impress people with your fireworks, make homemade pancakes!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with 3 birthdays in our house, our second daughter Kate getting engaged (Yeah - so exciting!), out of town guests, and second crop hay getting made.  As you can see - the farm is a wonderful place to teach and grow great kids!  Zach's first summer hauling loads for his dad!

Color proofing on my 3 new paintings is nearing the finish-line. It can be a slow and tedious process to get the color accuracy you need in order for the reproductions to look great! I am hoping that one more round of color will do, and these pieces will be ready for production soon. 

Ready..... set...... keep enjoying summer....and remember to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day -

Honk when you see a cow!

Thanks for reading -



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