Abundant Crops!

GROWING CRAZY.....things in Minnesota are bigger, taller and more abundant than I can ever remember since we have been farming!  An early spring, timely rains and plenty of warm growing weather have crops and gardens  looking "premium" this summer.  They really should dump the old adage saying 'knee high corn by the 4th of July" -  I'm thinking that's been around for about a hundred years, and has long outgrown its original context.  As you can see by the picture I shot from our front porch - the corn, and all crops, look stunning this year.  On the 4th of July, our corn was taller than John....close to 8 feet tall, for real.......(and this is not one of those fishing stories either ; )!!

And speaking of crazy big......tomato plants taller than me!!  My garden is now out of hand....it looks like a jungle!  I confess that the weeds have slowly gotten ahead of me, but I think the produce can fend for itself now.  If you have been thinking of a trip to Bonnie Mohr Studio, plan to come in about a month, bring a trailer, and you can have all the tomatoes you want!!  (Well, not really, but you can have a few ; )  There looks to be enough tomatoes coming for about 1,000 Quarts of Salsa.............!

Back in the studio - I am now working on some new images for Christmas Cards this year.  It's hammer time - less than 3 months until World Dairy Expo and about 4 until you all will be wanting to send out your cards.  If you would like to be first to see the new card images, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter if you haven't already!  I will be posting the images and availability as soon as they are complete in the newsletters.

Where ever you may be....camping, hiking, fishing, laying in a hammock, or in the garden - Happy Summer and thanks for reading...............