A Good Day!

PS.  Since you may or may not make it to the end of this blog- I thought I would start with the important stuff first: BE SURE TO WATCH YOUR EMAILS AND FACEBOOK NEXT WEEK! A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE COMING FROM BONNIE MOHR STUDIO!!  And now, on with the blog:

I just need to tell someone -

Yesterday was one of those days - you know the kind...........

- pick up a brush, put it down - someone is at the door, run back up stairs to paint

- pick up the brush again - the phone rings.....

- pick up the brush again - customers are here and they need a personalization..... 

- pick up the brush - the cows are out - serious?!  (Now I am screaming!)

- pick up the brush - 'Mom, what's to eat, we are starving'

- pick up the brush - Neighbor is at the front door bringing me cucumbers!

- pick up the brush - Forgot to go to the bathroom when I was getting the cucumbers

- pick up the brush - Get in the car to go to Zach's Orthodontist appointment

- back again - pick up the brush - the Schwan's man is knocking on my door

- pick up the brush  - page 'Bonnie, please take line one, it's your framer with questions.'

- pick up the brush - time to quit and make supper (farmers still say 'supper')

It was 10:30 last night when I finally quit painting - I went to bed with a smile on my face!!  (Now this is not quite the same thing as waking up with a smile on your face, but if you are an artist - it is just about as exciting!  And since this is a family show - I will say no more.  Actually, I'm not sure I should have said that at all, but I've heard that the most successful bloggers allow the true spirit of their personality to come through, so there, I just did it ;)  It ended up to be a successful day, in spite of a rigorous and chaotic rhythm throughout the entire day.  I have four new paintings in progress for you -scheduled to make it for this Christmas season...........and I am happy to report that all is going quite well (I am still smiling) - I am hoping to give you a peak at one of them next week!!

Until then.....smile (it just keeps things more interesting!)

Thanks for reading..........