Dairy Print Sale!

Is it me....or is this summer going by like a blink?  In addition to all of the local town celebrations going on, we have enjoyed two weddings to neighboring state Wisconsin, 7 graduation parties, and 3 tour groups visiting Bonnie Mohr Studio - and this is just the fun stuff....doesn't leave a lot of extra time to get all the work done!  Blended into all this hoopla, we continue to celebrate JUNE DAIRY MONTH!! 

This week only - you will receive 20% off any dairy art print or giclee!  That's right - prints, giclees, mini-prints, framed or unframed!  Wait no longer - today is a good day to order up your favorite Bonnie Mohr dairy art print and save 20%.  (Just think of the possibilities when you save 20% - that is  DQ treats for the whole family, an evening out for you and the hubby, or maybe the pedicure you have been thinking about ;) Shop Now>> 

My personal pick for June Dairy Month is THE BEAUTIFUL COW!  The entire time I painted this picture - I just kept thinking of how happy and peaceful these cows were the day I photographed them.  Lazily content in our spring pastures, soaking up the sunshine with no worry or fear in the world. I wanted to lay down right there with them and live in their carefree world.  But then, I remembered there was a 2,000 pound bull roaming in this lot - so I decided not!This painting is my personal favorite dairy picture that I have ever painted, and the essence of life and truth in this piece makes me smile to be both a dairy farmer and artist of these beautiful creatures! Shop Now>>

Growing up on a dairy farm, I have been around cows my entire life!  I also know that June is the big month of District Shows, Dairy Days, and even some State Shows......best wishes to everyone out there competing for the trophy!  It is a big job to prepare for any and every show......training, clipping, fitting, grooming, packing, traveling, bedding, washing, more fitting, more washing, and then stiff competition.  I guess we do it because we love it - or maybe it is more like a disease.....going through all that work for a ribbon....?  I'm not sure...... but I've done my tour of showing too - I dug this photo gem out of a dusty scrap book in my studio this morning - It was the Brown County Fair, summer of 1979.  "Ceresco Leader Shari"  was on fire - she went on to be Grand Champion of the MN State Fair FFA Show that year.  Showing cattle is fun, but let's just admit it - it is even more fun when you win! 

Yes.....I know you are still waiting to see some new paintings.....soon - very soon - I promise ; )


Happy June ; ) (Dairy Month) (LOL)


Main Image, The Beautiful Cow >> Shop Now