Preparing for the New Year!

It's been one of those weeks!  Wednesday already, and have had very little time to paint ....Along with January comes the traditional yearly events of cleaning up the shop, reorganizing the warehouse, inventorying, goal setting, creating a new promotional and marketing calendar - which means staff meetings, agenda planning,  filing of all 2014 paperwork, and preparation for taxes too.  (Makes going to the dentist seem like fun!)  Herein lies the challenge of running a business when in reality I would rather just paint!  But I've grown to know, over the years, that without a plan, there is no plan of action, and that leads to a year of last minute event planning, chaos and added stress to 'life', which is not good for anyone.  And so, just like the laundry has to be done, you hunker along doing the 'not so favorite' jobs so that things can run smoothly (or at least a little smoother ;). 

That being said - I did promise you another peek at the painting in progress - so here you go.....all in all, this painting is taking the natural course of development for me.  Some days I feel things work perfectly and I am super pleased with my progress, and then again, I've also had long hours of difficult painting that leave me feeling like it was a wasted day.  More updates soon, as the progress continues!

On a sweeter note....this is your Valentines alert shout-out!  One month from today - all sweethearts will be wishing for something special from you!!  We are here to help ; )  Watch your emails, Facebook and upcoming blog - we will be running a special promotion to please your sweetie and make your shopping fun and easy!!

Time to get back to work...thanks for reading...