Preparing for Spring!

This is the kind of day we wait for! After six months of winter, today we will enjoy 72 degree sunshine - open the windows everyone!!  Spring is a season of celebration, new life, budding trees, my favorite robins, and the long awaited graduation of high school and college Seniors!  It is a time of reflection and joy and sometimes disbelief that our children have grown up that fast (which means we are getting that much older!).

A personalized print is a unique gift that will last for a lifetime, better than cash or an electronic gadget they will update in two years anyway! Our number one seller for graduations is the, Living Life print!  Other great choices include Living Today, On Angel Wings, Cup of Life, or more than 50 choices of dairy prints.

Now is also the perfect time to be thinking of mom - Mother's Day is just four weeks away. May we suggest Peony Magenta, Peony Blush, or perhaps Bread of Life! Be sure to check out our mat and frame choices online or give us a call. We would be happy to assist you! 

Here's to spring, new life, and celebration...

Thanks for reading,