New Hope and New Life!

There is a sense of miracle in my heart and through my eyes as I look at all the wonderful things that happen each spring.  I guess the most miraculous of all is the rising of Christ we celebrate on Easter - bringing new hope and new life to everyone.  It is the perfect day to reflect on the greatest blessing we all have been given in life and a time to be with family and friends to share a meal, visit grandma and grandpa, and play a game of football or baseball in the backyard!

The budding trees, green grass, and new babies that come into the world are the things that inspire and delight our hearts. It happens every year and is just as exciting as the year before.  This little black lamb is about three weeks old, and will star in an upcoming painting I will be working on soon!  Our friends Dave and Mary allowed me the opportunity to photograph their newborn crop of lambs a few weeks ago.  Amazing little guys...they can run and jump higher than I can!

My progress on the children's book is unfolding - I'm a little behind schedule due to a few extra hurdles that have popped up on my radar, but as they say, "Slow and steady wins the race"  or is it " Strong and steady"?  Well, I guess either works, back to painting!

Wishing you all love, happiness, and peace during this wonderful season of Easter and Spring!

Thanks for reading,