Well, today was a rather disappointing, uneventful April Fool's day for me - oddly, I think this is one of my favorite holidays.  Is it a holiday?  I guess I don't even know - but anyway, I love it when my kids try to 'fool me'. Today....Nothing! Not one joke was played today - I kind of think the weather has something to do with it....everyone in MN is getting a little testy these days, with our ongoing saga of WINTER! But, according to history, Spring always does get here. So we remain hopeful!!

I would  just like to take a minute to mention that we had a wonderful and fun tour group to Bonnie Mohr Studio a week ago.  This group of dairy and beef enthusiasts were on a four day tour of farms and learning experiences through an Adult Management Program in Wisconsin!  We enjoyed being a part of their tour route, and would like to let our readers and friends know that our Studio is open to groups of all sizes Monday - Friday, and by appointment on weekends.  You will enjoy a full shopping experience of the studio, a mini talk by 'ME', and a tour of our dairy farm if you like!  There are several other crafters, potters, and artisans in our area to round out a fun-filled keep us in mind or give us a call with any questions you may have when you are planning as excursion our way!

It is 10 pm now - it has been a full day, and I'm ready for some sleep!  However, before I leave the studio, I have this bad habit of looking at the painting on my easel, the one I've been working on that day - just to see if it looks 'ok' or is on track.  When you sit and stare at something all day long, it seems you sometimes lose perspective of what is 'good', 'average', or 'poor'.  When fatigue sets in, you think it all looks good.  So, the real test for me is to come back to it at the end of the day, for one last look.  Tonight, I am HAPPY - it looks 'good'......I will rest well tonight :)  I'm not fooling either.

To Health and Happiness........