Painting Charts!!

Along with the new year, comes the desire to learn something new about art and painting technique. While the guys were gone for a couple of days last week ice fishing, I dug out some tutorial videos that I'd purchased a few years ago. They were still shrink-wrapped in the original packaging!! For two days, I went to school in my basement watching my own long and forgotten videos. I was mesmerized by the things I learned and astonished at everything I didn't know, after painting all these years. One of the videos in particular led me back upstairs to my studio on a mad hunt to find a particular book by Richard Schmid, "Alla Prima," (Everything I know about Painting.)


I began pouring through this book, as though I'd just learned to read for the first time.  I skimmed through the book to pages 132 & 133 and stared at the painting charts......  The most defined and complete way for an artist to learn about the habits, use, and theory of color!   A must for every artist, and you guessed it, I never did the charts, nor had I realized the importance of this valuable information.  And so I began.  Today, I will complete the 11th painting chart, or 605 1-inch square color blocks (55 per chart) and I must say, this has been an eye-opening experience for me, and actually a lot of fun.  I am excited to get back to some real painting next week, with a fresh approach to my style and use of color!!  Onward - OMG it's February already hardly the new year anymore : ) Thanks for reading......