Notecard Clearance Sale!

AND NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS................ Bonnie Mohr Studio announces an Inventory Clearance SALE on a selected group of note cards. Along with our winter/spring cleaning and reorganizing at the studio, we have realized that we have too much stuff to manage it all, we need more space!  SHOP TODAY, on a selected group of note and Christmas Card Inventory -  the savings range from 30-50%....the more you buy, the more you save. This sale will last for one week - please enjoy! This is a perfect time to stock up on cards for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, your own personal stash, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, Mother's Day gifts, etc. etc.!

Meanwhile, back in my studio....It occurred to me yesterday that no matter how I was approaching my new just wasn't working.  I have repainted the same areas, over and over and over....maybe 4 or 5 times now and to no avail. Point blank, it still looked like crap.  Today, I picked up the painting, and moved across my studio room to a new place, with new lighting, and a much more spacious and  less cluttered area to work. I needed a new perspective on things. Somehow it also gave me the courage to look at it completely differently and to not be intimidated to try some more brave strokes, techniques and color combinations. I would like to say 'bingo', it magically changed everything - but it didn't. What it did do however, was allow me to see the things in a new perspective and as the day went on - the painting began to change as I reworked things in my new environment.  

Coincidentally, (or maybe not), I think 'real life' situations can be the same. You think you are approaching life from the right angle, being caring, conscientious and in control.... that you have the right approach.  But, when anxiety elevates over the anticipation of the outcomes, and there is a struggled to 'make things go your way, (the right way "LOL"), there is a window, a moment, maybe a call from God that encourages you to 'step away', to look at things from a different point of view, to stand back and allow yourself to consider other options, consider a different point of view. I think it is amazing that sometimes the tighter we clutch things, the less likely we are to win the event. This week, I have learned all over again, that part of our own success is the ability to step back and look at things from a new perspective - when we see things differently we are able to change the way we approach the situation! 

Hurry now........SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, The Note Card Sale.............. the early bird gets the worm ;)

Happy end of January - Love it, love it....

Thanks for reading!