Reflections & Updates!

'I DO' one of our best sellers for Valentines Day!

 Since my painting is not going very well, and I am still not ready to show my progress (so much for moving to another spot in the studio to paint - it didn't pan out the way I had hoped!) I will elude to other exciting news in this week's blog.  Let's talk Super Bowl! (Gosh, it seems like that was weeks ago already!!)  This is a great topic for me to discuss.

1.  I cheered for both team won!  I did not bet any money, so I had nothing to lose either.

2.  It is a wonderful marker to notice that the days really are starting to get longer - love it, love it!

3.  Chicken wings - the one time of year I make and actually enjoy gnawing on a little scrawny chicken bone and think it tastes great!

4.  The commercials....LOVE THE COMMERCIALS!  Budweiser commercial wins! Stole my heart again ;) 

5.  It is a weird thing....but the whole family comes to be together and everyone really seems to get into this football phenomena -  It is one of the best evenings of cheap family entertainment ever invented.

I would have made a Top 10 Reasons list, but I honestly could only come up with 5.....

So let's talk Valentine's Day - at Bonnie Mohr Studio, we have gifts that are calorie free, and one size really does fits all! May we suggest  'You and I', 'Forever', 'Living Today' or 'I DO' (if you are married, and have not yet received this print, it is perfect for your honey - I can personalize it with your names and wedding date too!)  For the diehard cow lovers....I would recommend my personal favorites THE BEAUTFFUL COW, BORN A BEAUTY, and WELL HELLO THERE.  For the shopper looking to 'get more for your money', shop our current Note card Clearance Sale! This is the first (and maybe only time) we are offering reduce prices 30-50% off!! Hurry, Valentine's day is only 11 days away - order today and you will have it in plenty of time ;)  I would also like to add - THIS IS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUTH GROUPS OR STUDENTS LOOKING FOR A FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY - please call our studio for details!

I forge onward....paint brush in hand, expecting things to turn around one of these days ;)

Thanks for reading.............