Mothers Day Gift Idea #2

This weeks special 'The Bread of Life' is our Mother's Day Gift Idea #2 !!  Several years ago, actually on Mother's Day, I sat down early in the morning to paint. It was a Mother's Day Gift to myself!  I remember the windows were open, and I could hear the chirping of birds, and the kids hollering to each other as they were out for morning chores.  Upon receiving a loaf of freshly baked bread from someone that week - I decided that I would paint, 'The Bread of Life'.  I imagined the aroma as I painted - not much beats home made bread just out of the oven.  Within a day or two the painting evolved into much more - I added fruit, deciding grapes would be a nice touch and symbolic of the Eucharist.  The light shining down on the bread became symbolic of the holy spirit who descended upon us. The dark crusted lines imply Jesus's journey on earth which lead to his crucifixion and the three brighter rays of 'reach' at the bottom depict are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This painting was a spiritual journey for me in itself - I hope you will enjoy this piece (perfect for any kitchen).  
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