Behind The Easel

Hello Wednesday! The week is already flying by, following a wonderful Easter weekend ;)  How was your Easter Celebration? I really think I am caught up in a time warp though, how did we get from Christmas to Easter in what seemed like just two weeks? The weather pattern has brought our traditional April showers this week - which is welcomed news since we are teetering on the dry side. The Crow River which runs just a few hundred yards from our place is not much more than a slow trickle this spring, compared to the normal 'flowing over its banks' stage for this time of year!

Without doubt, one of my least favorite tasks in the world, is to go back to finish an incomplete painting from somewhere in my past. "No Thank you", 'Pass",  "Yuck"!  Simply put, I dread having to revive a half completed piece of work where my momentum and interest for it has been long dormant.  However, I can't stand the thought of something being only half finished.  Just sitting there on the floor, staring at me, for almost a year and half...there it farming painting.  Patiently waiting, pleading to be picked up and put back onto the easel for completion.  I am soft at heart however, and by the end of my first day back on the job with this painting, I was fully engaged (which is always how I am...dreading something, but once I get started - it's not bad at all, is a matter of fact I was loving the painting once I got reacquainted with it).

This piece is now 80% complete. I will rework the foreground once more, add a few more touches to the sky, tweak the tree and birds, and then add my verse.  This painting embodies my life and tributes the thousands of men and women who farm the land. I had started this painting almost a year and half ago, when I became side tracked with my children's book, ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS, and deserted it, to work on my book. The verse honors the legacy and lifestyle of farming and the way of life it offers.  I am stuck however, on the far, I'm thinking about 'Farming', 'The Farming Life', and  'Faith of Farming'.  If you would like to comment or share your ideas for a title idea, you may do so by submitting a form, CLICK HERE.  Thanks so much!!  It will probably be a month or two until this painting is released for sale - stay posted!

Signing off - back to enjoying spring and finishing up this painting!!


PS.  Save the Date....April 18th for our Celebrate Spring Sale.  For those of you who won't be able to make it....please watch your email next week for something special for you too!