Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is upon us - the official kick-off "camping and grilling weekend" and start to summer! Growing up, camping was not a high priority or 'dreamed about' event for many farm families, including us. I guess that living in the great outdoors every day, living a more peaceful country lifestyle where fresh open air spaces are in high abundance (plus other various farm smells ;) and maybe having a campfire in our own back yard were some of the reasons we did not camp. Quite honestly, going for an overnight to the Holiday Inn was really more exciting to us; a pool, an arcade, vending machines, and a chance to 'eat out'....whew hoo!  Now grilling on the other hand is huge at our place and one of our Memorial Day weekend traditions - well come to think of it, we probably grill 2-3x a week, most weeks....but for the sake of saying we have a tradition, we will say it is grilling. And having a campfire of course!  One other benefit of this minimized holiday weekend routine, is that I do not have to pack the camper, buy the food, organize the event or lastly, unpack the camper! Whatever your plans - have a wonderful weekend and do take time to relax, even if it is just lounging in your hammock eating a s'more!   

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Only 6 days of school left........summer vacation beckons and that means one thing for sure - FISHING, FISHING, AND MORE FISHING!  Living on the Crow River provides the outdoor lifestyle that my boys just can't get enough of! I would call myself more of a participant than an avid fisherman...but you can't beat one on one time with one of your kids, embracing the spring sunshine, and some quiet time to sit and relax!  Zach is quite a pro at the age of 13 - with YouTube videos and hands-on reality TV shows, the boys are more knowledgeable about fishing than I am about painting!  AND they love it!! We caught 2 carp that afternoon! (Not much for eating, but super fun to catch - they are strong and put up a good fight ; )

Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...........