"Farmwife" Adventures!

This picture has nothing to do with today's blog, but I snapped it this morning out on our front lawn - thought you would enjoy seeing the beauty of a flowering crab in Minnesota!

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When I am not busy painting, it's usually because I am tending to 'mom' or 'farmwife' adventures. With my studio right at home - I can be summoned at a moment's notice to any and all traditional farmwife tasks ranging from "Honey, can you fix up a dozen ham sandwiches for lunch, so we can keep planting" to "Honey, I need you to run to Midwest Machinery to get a part for the 3020 (tractor)".  As I have mentioned before, spring on the farm is one of the busiest times of the year, so everyone is expected to help out wherever for whatever, whenever...and that includes me, whether I am painting or not!  This can be a bit tricky, as there are times I am in the middle of a difficult or drying sensitive place in a painting and there comes the call over our intercom system from John, "Girls (and that means my office staff too!), I need everyone out to the bull lot - we need to move 4 bulls".  Some employers have a gym membership for their staff, but out here we like to do things the organic way - fresh outdoor exercise is the best! LOL

If you have ever moved, herded, or worked cattle - you know it is sort of a game. Making noise, waving your arms and sudden pivotal moves are necessary to guide cattle where they need to go!  I really think this could really be a TV Reality Show - watch for yourself!  (By the way, Office Manager Teresa is in blue, Office Assistance Laura is in Red (Laura, don't you know red is a dangerous color?.), I wear the black vest!)

Just when you think things are going good.....

Someone gets stupid and decides they don't want to cooperate!

There we go.....

Taking cattle in pairs can sometimes help things go smoother - there is comfort in groups!

Our fearless leader John decides who gets moved!

Easy does it...STOP - we said STOP!

You can see what a great workout this can be...to my left is Ray our hired man - great guy - to my right is the bull buyer!

Game over, we win!

Hey, thanks for the help Stella! (I guess when you are a Grandma this is a spectator sport!)

Wishing you a beautiful spring...remember to put us on your summer travel schedule and visit Bonnie Mohr Studio and Gallery of fine art - or just to help herd some cattle.

Thanks for reading......