The Start of Summer

With Memorial Day behind us - we have SUMMER of 2015 unfolding! This event summons me to take a serious look at two things ... A) The year is almost half over (yikes!), am I on course with everything I want to accomplish this year - and B) How do I juggle everything and make time for some summer fun!  I am a 'list person', and provided I don't lose my list, my life seems to have a fairly balanced sense of order on most days. But, I think we all look for a better way to: find more time in a day, be more focused on our goals and families, and take better care of ourselves.

Our recent rainy weather has been a great incentive to stay indoors and paint! I am currently working on a new piece of inspirational art....this painting has been waiting to 'happen' for a couple of years now - I am fascinated and in love with the colors, cloud patterns, and play of hidden sun in this piece. I am falling in love with this painting each day I work on it....more details soon ; )

(The answer to the Facebook post is CLOUDS - Congrats if you guessed right!)

This week, I will be back to the cities to continue color proofing 2 other new paintings - 'Today' and 'Farming'. I know you have been patiently waiting for a full view and a release date of these new works - soon, soon, I promise! 

Bell alert....JUNE DAIRY MONTH is only 4 days away!! We have some VERY FUN events and special things planned for you - be sure to check our Facebook daily for updates, and if you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletter to join the fun and receive special updates!

Embrace today....thanks for reading!