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Meet the Staff!

Currently, at Bonnie Mohr Studio, we have four employees involved in the business to keep the "wheels greased," so to speak. Some of the employees have been long-time neighbors and friends of the Mohr family and some are new(er) hires referenced by family and friends of the studio. First, we have Karen Osmek, who has been with Bonnie since almost the very beginning. Karen has worked with Bonnie for 20 years and counting...she is the "shipping manager" with a work load that ranges from answering phones, organizing inventory, and packaging and shipping prints. When Bonnie was first published in Country Woman magazine in 1989, phones were ringing off the hook with curious customers asking about art and free catalogs.  Bonnie called Karen to come over and help answer the phones, and she's been on staff ever since! Lana Lange, is the Office Manager, and becoming a veteran staff member as well with 10 years of employment now!  Interestingly enough, she is Karen's daughter. Many of you have probably had the opportunity to talk with Lana on the phone from time to time.  Lana knows just about everything around here. We also have Tami Alsleben, who has been with the studio since December of 2010. Tami is the Finance Manager. She handles the bookkeeping, payroll and other finances between accounts. Both Tami and Lana manage the studio during the week, stocking the gallery, answering phones and assisting customers.  (Oh, and let's not forget that when the heifers get out, or there is cattle to be moved from one lot to the next - they are great sports to jump in and help.) As of March 2012, we just hired Alyssa Schauer as our "media manager." Alyssa is involved in managing media relations for the studio, whether it is updating the website, Facebook and Twitter, or creating flyers and ads for Bonnie Mohr Studio events.  Alyssa brings great experience in writing and social media knowledge to our staff - and definitely helps fill a necessary position that has become a really important part of business operations today. I love these women!  They all give 110% and have a passion for life and doing their best on the job.  They make my life manageable and I am lucky to have such a great team.  Give us a call with any comments, questions or needs, anytime - there is always someone here ready to help you! Thanks for reading... Bonnie