Meet Dairy Carrie!

In the ag industry, there are many, many great people who work to inform the world about the importance of farming in our lives - in growing produce to feed the world around us, in teaching responsibility and work ethic in families, in promoting the benefits of the dairy industry, and much more. At World Dairy Expo this past year, I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with one of these dairy enthusiasts, Carrie Mess, famously known as, "Dairy Carrie."

She is a smart, funny, and sassy woman who works with her husband and in-laws on their 100-cow dairy farm in southern Wisconsin, and who keeps a blog about "The Adventures of Dairy Carrie."

She is a growing voice in the dairy community, informing the world about the benefits of the agricultural and dairy industries with honesty and humor through her blog posts, and shares that same, strong love and reverence of cows I do. Check out her blog here. Feel free to show her your support and "like" her page on Facebook!
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