The Bliss of January

It's a new year with high hopes and big expectations, if you can get through the winter without freezing to death that is. Seriously - from body to brain, most of us here in Minnesota have experienced some degree of freezer burn already this winter. Schools have been canceled several times, and there are more cars in the ditch due to icy road conditions than on the road. Ten miles to town this morning, and the car was still blowing cold air when I arrived at my first appointment!

The days are starting to get longer though, and we revel in a few more minutes of daylight as the days of January click by -- little things do become the big things to lift your spirits on these long and cold winter days.   

My spirit aches to get back to painting, but for the past month or so, my right shoulder aches more. I have a bag of chopped frozen broccoli saddled over it right now. I'm hoping that two more trips to the chiropractor, one more bottle of Motrin and a little more icing will do it, and I can get back to work. All this pain because I am a scavenger at heart and spent too much time digging for my greens at the compost site for my outdoor Christmas pots! Some of us have to learn the hard way ; )

Meanwhile, I have spent this January like I usually do - getting organized. My house, my studio and even my closets have been sorted through. There comes a time to put things in order, and for me that is January. It is also a time, every year, I reassess how many pairs of shoes does it really take to be happy. In my world, a lot ; )

Reminder - now is a perfect time to order for Valentine's Day. May we suggest: Forever, Living Life, Living Today, The Beautiful Cow, and Peonies Magenta and Blush. All have been wonderful crowd pleasers.

From "trying to stay warm" in Minnesota -

Thanks for reading.....