A TV Surprise

So, I am in the kitchen the other night, making tater tot hot dish, and the phone rings - it is Jeanie, our neighbor. My daughter answers the phone and Jeanie exclaims:
"Where is your mom?!"
"Making supper."
"No, she's going to be live on TV in 3 minutes, you better go turn it on!"

Thanks to the heads-up, we ran into the living room, turned on the TV (the video was taped last summer, so I'd long forgotten about it!) and flipped around the channels long enough to find it on a PBS channel. We thought it might be fun to share the link with you, so you can enjoy it here:

Oh! And if you'd like to try out that tator tot hot dish recipe (one of our Minnesota favorites), check out the January newsletter, coming out today.

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Thanks for reading......