Beginnings of a Book

The days are getting longer and our frozen Minnesota bodies are starting to dream about spring! We've had almost two months of 0 to -20 degrees with a few warm days being around +15. Bhurrrrr - The kids don't seem to mind though, and ice fishing has been great this winter. I went for the first time that's something to talk about....sitting on a card table chair for 3 hours staring down a 12" dark hole in the ice, watching a floating bobber thing. All I can say, is "wow." I did enjoy watching the competitive fishing amongst the guys though! Amazing how smart those fish must be, for all the strategies the boys put into trying to catch them : )

Back at the studio, I am fully engaged in the production of my first children's book!! I go through certain rituals before starting a big project, including laying all materials and resources out to get an overview on the direction of my mission.  Well, where do you start when writing a book? I just jump in and do what I think makes sense - what my instincts guide me to do. It is par for philosophy I have about everything....there can be a lot of right ways to do things! I have cut, stapled and pasted together a rough "rough out" of what I hope this book to be and look is the beginnings of getting a feel for the design and layout of the book, and gives me a starting point to work from.

More details next week - this blog is getting long and my work list for today is ridiculous, so I better get back to work.....

Only 45 days until spring and counting!!

Thanks for reading.........