Magnolia Market - Waco, TX

I'm not a great traveler - it takes me forever to pack, I always forget something, have no idea what day of the week it is once I leave the house, and as far as staying 'regular' - forget it (I know TMI)!  But life is big and in order to experience some of it - let's face it, traveling is required. Short 3-4 day trips are very 'do-able' for me and I'm actually growing to love these fire-up inspiring excursions! When my girlfriend Donna invited me to TX with her, it didn't take me long to decide that this was a mini-trip for me ; )  

First stop, Magnolia Market in Waco TX! If you love great home décor, godly cupcakes, inspiring decorating ideas and being in the company of lots of other people who love the same, this is your stop! The famous husband wife team of Chip & Joanna Gaines is like a fairytale come true for these two, now better known as THE FIXER - UPPERS on HGTV, Tuesday nights. Chip and Joanna owned a construction business and specialized in fixing up homes specifically in Waco TX. With Joanna's accompanying talent for design, Magnolia Market opened in May of 2014, where she specializes in creating an atmosphere, design, and merchandise that is simple, fresh and timeless.  

The Bakery is a must-stop at Magnolia - the perfect balance of beautiful design and as I mentioned "godly cupcakes".

Have a look for yourself!

Magnolia Market is located inside a renovated elevator and silos complex in the heart of Waco TX.

Inside the market - so much to see, so much to inspire you, so much to buy!

There are also beautiful cemeteries in TX! We toured Holy Cross Cemetery!

Next Stop: Fort Worth TX!

Twice a day, there is a real-live cattle drive, with real-live cowboys!

"Going to get groceries kids, be back tomorrow" LOL!

Pick a boot, any boot - they have boots for everyone in TX!

You didn't like any of those, well maybe a pair of these?  

We also caught the tail end of a rodeo - calf roping is my favorite!

And the scenery is always goooooooood!!

Hope y'all enjoyed this documentary of " A TRIP TO TEXAS" -

Meanwhile, back in MINNESOTA, there is a lot to get done in the next two weeks before we head out for World Dairy Expo - so I better get busy ; )