Fall at the Farm!

Face to Face Autumn, by Bonnie Mohr

You gotta love September - we are sleeping with the windows open at night now - and waking up to a refreshing 53 degree outside temp, which means the house is chilled too!  The sun isn't showing up until around 6:45 am either, so popping out of bed on a Saturday morning has its new challenges these days!  Because this is such a busy time of the year however, with World Dairy Expo only 3 weeks away, a painting still to be completed before then, and fall harvest underway, my M-F routine of 4:30 or 5 am marches on..even on Saturday mornings!  Being a farm wife does have it challenges though - for example, I had diligently planned my day, which include the normal cleaning, washing clothes, you know - all that fun stuff like that you look forward to on Saturdays, when John boy called to invite me to the field for a hay raking event!  It seems he had the boys occupied with other duties - and as all farm wives know - "you gotta make hay when the sun shines" and so never mind my work, out the door I went.  

Now, I don't know if he was delighted or amused or what - but I showed up in my normal Saturday attire which includes tennis shoes (and just for the record, I don't play tennis) stretchy work-out pants (Because you never know when you can sneak out the door for a quick walk/jog...I just happened to be wearing my flashy gray and purple striped ones) and T-shirt (plus the jacket I threw on since it was still chilly!) (actually, it was my World Dairy Expo jacket no less - mental preparation I guess you could say) but I later overheard him discussing with a neighboring farmer that I had showed up to rake hay wearing my 'leotard'!  (Apparently, I still make an impression on my sweety, even after 33 years!) 

Anyway, two hours later, a lot of great country air breathing, discovering I can see the Silver Lake water tower from the northeast corner of our Section 42 alfalfa field, and manifesting one happy husband all because I said "yes"...I headed back to the house to resume the rest of my Saturday ;) 

In related news: 

  • The staff of Bonnie Mohr Studio is packing, packing, packing and preparing for World Dairy Expo (WDE)!  We hope to see you in Madison, WI three weeks from today!!
  • I am still painting - hoping to finish one more original painting for WDE.
  • The 2017 Cow Calendars are flying out the door (you didn't really think pigs were the only flying farm animals did you?) Click HERE to get yours today - limited supplies!
  • The boys are preparing for bow hunting season - starting this weekend.
  • We begin our paver patio/fire pit project in the backyard today - pictures to come!
  • And I just got back from a spontaneous 3 day trip to TX with girlfriend Donna - have a look!

What a riot! Besides the fact that I totally did not have time for this spur of the moment rendezvous, I couldn't think of a good reason not to go, and so I did! Somehow, it was one of those invites that you say to yourself "When will I ever have the opportunity to do this again, oh shoot, I'm going!" Does the word 'MAGNOLIA' in Waco TX ring a bell? Yes-in-deedy - we headed to Chip and Joanna Gaines place - HGTV's Fixer Uppers! Stop back tomorrow for a second blog posting, for this special Texas Adventure documentary!!

See you soon ;)