Autumn's Gold

"Autumn's Gold" 25% off today only by calling your order to the Studio 320.864.6642

Just saying, there should be something special in this for my faithful blog readers ; )  Here you go, today only 25% off Autumn's Gold by calling your order into the studio 320.864.6642. What a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of fall!  Is there a better time of the year?  We kindred spirits know the answer to that is NO! The hubbub of autumn makes my soul journey off somewhere into the land of pure happiness. I'm not sure if it is the 3 pumpkin candles I have burning throughout the house, the leaves that have started falling, the Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer I just bought, or the 9th grade football game I went to last night, but EACH and EVERY fall I have a giant crush on life and can't seem to get enough orange color or pumpkin everything! Did I mention my favorite orange shoes - love them too! 

Speaking of FOOTBALL,  Zach is loving his high school freshman year of football! Do not tell the 2nd smallest guy on the team that ya gotta be big to play football son!!  What an awesome afternoon to relax (yes in the autumn sun) and watch these young guys play it out like the NFL scouts were on hand they gave us our money's worth, even though it was free, and then some! Zach is a running back this year and went in for a touchdown on this play. He doesn't get his athletic talent from me, but I'm sure my cheering had something to do with the score!

Who has time to paint anyhow when there is all this FALL going on??  Kidding.....I do!  I am smitten on the photos I got while capturing the bonding event between one of our cows and her newborn calf and am fully engaged in a new painting of them ;)  There is just something about new life coming into the world and the innate bond of mother and baby that perplexes and brings me joy.  Maybe I will call this painting "Lidle Pumpkin"! Ha. 

If you haven't already herd (how many of you caught that?, be honest!)...the 2017 Calendars are here!! If you love cows and if you want to plan ahead, stay organized and hang a dazzling super-awesome cow calendar in your house (or buy one for the best gift idea around - although not recommended for a stocking stuffer) this is the moment you have been waiting for! BUY HERE, NOW!

The gals in the office are unpacking new holiday home décor and giftware again today!! It is too exciting (but not more exciting than AUTUMN!)  So, order your calendar today and pen in the dates of our upcoming holiday Open Houses events!! Until your calendar arrives, get all the details HERE!

Happy Autumn!