Have I mentioned how much I love FALL!!! Probably in every other blog!! It is hands down my favorite time of year. Pumpkins, gorgeous autumn foliage, and the fall harvest are at the top of my list of favorites (wearing sweatshirts again is too, but I sneak those in year round!)  It was just a year ago, I released FARMING - now, one of our best sellers and one of my favorites ;)  This timeless image and the verse that I wrote for it represents who we are and what we love - farmers and farming! It is the panoramic view I see this time of year as I look out my studio window (minus the dust) we've had more rain than we know what to do with this year! You can check out the print sizes, canvas giclees and note cards, HERE.

HAVE ART, WILL TRAVEL! You know it - two weeks from today we will already be 1/5th of the way through World Dairy Expo! Next week, all this stuff, plus a whole bunch more will be carefully loaded into our trailer and we will be east bound to Madison WI for our 31st show.  This year's event will be extra special as World Dairy Expo celebrates their 50th Anniversary! Congratulations to them - learn more about this greatest cow show on earth HERE! Learn more about Bonnie Mohr Studio attending WDE HERE!

Laura is the main driver around here who has organized and is responsible for the majority of this insane process of preparing and packing up half of our shop to get to Expo and set up 3 booths no less!  I used to tell my kids, "Sorry Charlie, but I really don't have a magic wand", now I know is because Laura has it!!  She is an amazing woman full of detail, organization, and heart that makes Bonnie Mohr Studio run smoothly - thank you Laura!  By gosh, we are even ahead of schedule this year! Things are almost ready to go and we still have a week and half - time for some shopping and maybe a nail appointment!

Getting back to fall harvest, we finally got a break in the weather - and it was go-time around here yesterday. The fields had finally dried enough to chop corn silage, which we have custom done...these guys mean business - just take a look at their equipment!

In addition to filling our bunker, we also make several bags of corn silage - John is just wrapping up this bag!

In other non-political news...we are almost finished with our long awaited fire-pit/patio!  Yeah! - three cheers to Adam who did a fabulous job on this project, once we got everything figured out!  Our original plans were to dig it into the ground, like most people, but the reality set it pretty quickly when water started oozing into our territory - you see, our septic field is just off in that back yard.  Plan B: we decided to build up our space and put it on top of the ground.  Kind of like an in-ground vs. above-ground swimming pool I guess?...not our original plan, but I think I like this better anyway! I would have posted a picture of Adam and the patio in progress, but someone accidentally deleted them off my camera!

Enjoy your day - fall won't last forever!!

OH gosh, I forgot the very best part of fall of all!  My birthday - this Sunday! My family has already started the pampering, yes I love it all ; )