Dear Stella,

Pull up a chair and sit there for a bit! This is a big blog!! I will try to hit the bullets so you can skim on through if you are short for time ;)  This is the second busiest week of my year - preparing for World Dairy Expo. Next week IS the busiest week - we are so excited to see many of you soon in Madison, WI!

BIRTH OF AN INDUSTRY prints start selling at WORLD DAIRY EXPO next week!! 

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 4 the brand new BIRTH OF AN INDUSTRY print, commissioned by Balchem Animal Health and Nutrition and the Real Faces of Dairy will be available for sale. This signed & numbered print will sell for a 'wow price' of only $50; but wait, during World Dairy Expo (WDE), you can purchase if for HALF PRICE - $25!!!! Yes, we are excited too!! Now think about it, you can buy one for yourself and one for the person who stayed home to do your chores while you attend WDE at this price! AND...they will be so excited, they will want to come back and do your chores again next year! For World Dairy Expo booth #'s and more info on our WDE specials CLICK HERE! I will also be in the Balchem booth in the Exhibition Hall Tuesday - Thursday from 12 noon - 1pm for a free print personalization! This special will also be available online for those of you who are not able to attend. More info on World Dairy Expo HERE!


I almost forgot!! Get on over to our Facebook for a chance to win a FREE 'Birth of an Industry' print!!  Winner will be announced Friday, just like the Bonnie Mohr Studio Facebook page and share our post and YOU might be our lucky winner!! Good Luck!


I am already tearing up after typing that line. It is the very hard day every dog owner dreads and must face - a time of letting go to a beloved creature who embedded every beautiful hair on their body into the heart and soul of your family.  Our darling Stella passed away this past weekend at the lovely age of 13 and a ½. There are dogs and then there are dogs...every family should get to have a 'Stella' at least once in their lifetime. This picture-tribute tells her story, and there really is no need for me to write anything more - good bye Stella, we love you so much!!

These are the good ole' days - now!

Once a mom, always a mom - Stella taught Remi a lot during these past few months.  Seriously - look at this front porch - folks, this is what happens when you get a puppy!

Stella was an ambassador to our farm and studio - she loved everyone!

First one to greet Taylor, just home for a weekend from college!

A boys best friend!

Amanda and Grandma Mohr relaxing with Stella

Everyone deserves a spa day - are so beautiful!

Stella, this is what happens when you stay out too late at night!!

Did someone mention cake - her favorite was DQ Birthday Cakes!

She was a John Deere girl, and she loved these Ostlie girls!

Nothing like a good roll in the grass!

 Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Stella had 2 litters of pups during her career!

Another Happy Holiday with Stella Girl!

Threes a crowd and four makes a party!!

Kate with Stella on wedding day

Good bye sweet, sweet Stella - we love you!


Not bragging or anything....but it only seems right that I share this picture of the GORGEOUS birthday cake my family gave me!!!  It tasted even better than it looked, if that is even possible ; )  Thank you to my staff, family, and friends for the wonderful birthday, and all you awesome Facebookers - in this day and age of super highway technology , there is still a feeling of "good ole' fashioned love" in the beautiful messages I received from you all - Thank you from the bottom of my still-holding 38 year old heart. (Don't ask me why I picked 38, it just sounds pretty good!)

Love you all - see lots of you next week!

Bonnie AKA Bonbon