It's State Fair time!

Oh where oh where has my Bonnie Blog gone... Oh where oh where could it be!!!! Hi Everyone - I'm finally back... it's not that I have forgotten about the blog, it's just that life peaks out on the 'craziness scale' this time of the year. 

AROUND THE STUDIO... I've been busy chasing to and from the 'color house' and 'printer' in the cities, and since my last blog have gone on press with some new cards, as well as reprinting some 'sold-out' ones. You will be happy to know we are fully re-stocked in the Christmas Card Department - so anytime you are ready we are here to fill your orders!! We did reprint several of our most popular cards that sold out early last year. Plus, there are 8 brand new card selections - I know you will love them. They printed beautifully, we are all excited to have new inventory in. And of course, this time of year means exhibiting at the MN State Fair! We have had the opportunity to expand into a double space, same location, in the coliseum, which means a lot more space to show artwork! It is a delightful change from the past 7 years, which was tight quarters and just not much room to display all the art. We are having a wonderful show. I have been working the booth, all but two days. Tomorrow, I will get some pictures for next weeks blog - stay tuned!! Please stop in and visit if you are attending the fair, and get the free calendar we are handing out! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... John has been busy helping us with the Bonnie Mohr Studio State Fair booth, and the kids with showing cattle, but in between he did make 3rd crop hay. Didn't amount to much as the rain has been scant. Things have just changed in the last 24 hours though, we have been blessed with 2 1/2 inches of rain - we are thankful -everything was getting pretty brown. Needless to say, there will probably be farmers starting to chop corn silage this week, as dry as it has been. 

FAMILY MATTERS... this category is certainly the most 'newsy' of the three. Early to mid-August was prep time for country fair. We've learned that the easiest way to train cattle to lead is just tie them onto a hay rack, and slowly circle the yard until they are 'walking real nice'. Someone drives and the others sit on the rack, and pretend to be doing the leading. This technique has saved us from countless skinned knees and bad rodeo events with training cattle to lead. The kids all had a BALL at the county fair, and all three girls won a trip to the State Fair with their dairy animals. They had a great time at State Fair and placed well. Both Amanda and Taylor were Reserve Showman in the showmanship contest, in the Sr. and Beginner divisions. And what would summer be without SWEET CORN!! On Monday (my rest day away from the State Fair) the kids helped me freeze 21 dozen sweet corn - YUM! And finally - after years of practicing in the front yard - Jacob got to suit up in his first Football uniform!! THIS IS BIGBIG, BIG! He will get to play with the Silver Lake Lions. I think he thinks he is qualified to play every single position.... the boy eats, sleeps and dreams football. What fun to watch these little guys get out there and charge with such a gigantic level of energy and passion! This is going to be fun!!! Ok, That's it for now... hang in there everyone - soon I will have some new paintings to show you!! I PROMISE!! Thanks for reading, Bonnie