Holiday Open House Reminder!

I removed the last pumpkins from the yard today! - there is a chill in the air, and I feel the change of seasons coming on fast. Turning the clocks back last night, sealed the deal. When I look outside at 5 p.m. and it is almost dark, there is no mistaking that winter will be here soon!

Everyone at Bonnie Mohr Studio is busy adding final touches to the shop! We have decorated inside and out, and you can feel the holiday spirit all around! We hope you are making plans to attend the Holiday Open House this week November 11 -14 - complete details are on our website! IF you are unable to make it to our event, we don't want you to feel left out. Place your order over the phone on any of those days, and you will receive a free 8 x 10 of Living Life ($20 value) and 5 book marks for your personal or gift giving use - just by mentioning the Open House! I have just finished the 'repaint' of Bless America's Heroes painting for a client. Plans are to imprint 'The Pledge of Allegiance' over this image - I look for it to be a beautiful piece - stay posted, we will show case it as soon as possible. I have also been working on some rural farm scenes, to become part of a calendar series - I hope to show you something on this soon.

Remember to shop early for your Christmas Cards at Bonnie Mohr Studio while selection is at it's best. Also a reminder, if you are ordering prints that you will be getting framed for Christmas gifts, order soon to allow your framer enough time to get them finished by Christmas.

Closing Thoughts: "If we live good lives, the times are also good. As we are, such are the times." - St. Augustine. I wish you good thoughts, a great day, and a hunger to live life to the fullest today and everyday! Thanks for reading! - Bonnie