Car Show at Bonnie Mohr Studio!

A first at Bonnie Mohr Studio...we hosted an antique car club this past Sunday. What fun! The cars from this St. Cloud car club were as varied and colorful as the people driving them. It was an amazing sight to see 50 collector cars streamlining down our gravel road, toward the studio. With rain the day before, the road was packed nicely and with an added benefit of no dust.  

John and I greeted our guests with a quick welcome and short talk about the Studio and our farm. Our guests then freely roamed about the studio, yard and barns, enjoying the warmth of the sunny Sunday afternoon. We would like to thank "The Pan Towners" antique car club for visiting our place...come back again anytime :) Our studio and farm is open to tour groups - just give us a call at 320-864-6642 to schedule an appointment today!   I am busy working on the true type cow and bull painting for the Holstein Association this week. The time is short, with my deadline just 3 weeks away now....paint, paint, paint! Back to work and thanks for reading...... Bonnie