Happy 100th Blog!

Grandma Moses

This is amazing - sitting here writing my 100th blog. Seems like an occasion to celebrate - hey, I'm still in business! It's Monday night - 11 p.m. and I'm feeling tired - so I'm a little stymied about what one should write about on their 100th blog.

I know this will sound absurd, but the thing that comes to my mind when I think of 100, is - what will my life be like when I am 100 years old?....what will I look like?  Seriously, one could suggest I am close to half way there (no, I'm not going to tell you how old I am) and since I am shooting for 100, some very interesting things have started to cross my mind.... How many grandchildren will I have? -Will I still be coloring my hair? -Will I still have any hair? -Will I still be working out at Snap Fitness? -Will I still be driving the Audi TT  on my wish list that I haven't bought yet? -Will I try to stay in shape, or will that defining moment in life come, when I let it go and really enjoy all the good food I want and chub out? -Will I still be making salsa? -Will I really wear purple? -What will I be painting then? -Will I be able to see what I am painting? I have new inspiration tonight, not only about writing this blog, but about my life and career as an artist! Upon Googling "pictures of an old lady painting," I seem to have rediscovered the late Grandma Moses. She began painting at the age of 70, and in the last 31 years of her life, spent it doing what she loved - painting. She became a widely acclaimed icon, producing over 3,500 works of art in this short period of time. She once said, that if she wouldn't have started painting, she would have raised chickens! On December 13, 1961, she passed at the full age of 101!! This a woman after my own heart : )   Perhaps one day, people will call me Grandma Mohrses : ) Thanks for reading - Happy 100th Blog Reading Day to you!