Happily Ever After!

January 30th, 2016 was the perfect day for a wedding! We celebrated a warm 40 degree winter day with the marriage of our daughter Kate and her new husband Jeff!  There really are no words to describe all the emotions that you experience on the wedding day of one of your children, but let me try. It was beautiful, happy, tear-filled, God Blessed, magical, breath taking, joyous, exciting, and very emotionally! IT WAS PERFECT!! I remember the same type of feelings on the day Kate arrived at the hospital, and when she went to Kindergarten, and when she left for college.  But this --  this was all of that times 100. It was a pinnacle moment in our lives, the moment of letting go and a day you dream about for your children. A feeling of loss and an even bigger feeling of gain as we welcome Jeff into our family.  Our day was filled with love, laughter and joy as we all witnessed Kate and Jeff take their vows at the altar, surrounded by our most special family and friends. Thank you everyone for this beautiful day - it was the BEST --  and in what seemed like a blink it was over. I am on day four of wedding recovery and starting to resume a feeling of 'more normal', I think!  The clean up and aftermath should be wrapped up by the end of today - and life will go on - and the world is blessed with a new happily married couple...CONGRATULATIONS JEFF & KATE - we are so proud of you and love you more than you will ever know!

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We in Minnesota are also ecstatic that Mr. Groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday - AN EARLY SPRING!!! Yeah!! Especially after we got dumped on with about a foot of snow  yesterday - John is still outside clearing all the snow - not a lot happens on a dairy farm until the snow is cleared....the milk man can't get in the yard to pick up, the feed can't get mixed because you can't get to it, the cattle can't be fed until you clean the bunks.....and the list goes on! The best news about this snow storm is that it came yesterday, and not 3 days ago ; )

Stay warm friends -

"Still feeling like the MOTHER - OF - THE - BRIDE !!!"