Greetings from the Studio and the Farm!

Short on time this week... Autumn is jam-packed with so many, many activities!
  • We are busy putting the shop back together for the start of our Open House Schedule (details on website)
  • Getting more new artwork framed for the Holiday Season, will be here soon
  • Preparing now for an e-newsletter mailing (please call or email us your email address if you would like to be included!)
  • MEA this week, the kids will have two days off of school!
  • College visits with our oldest daughter Thursday and Friday
  • We planted 42 trees over the weekend!!! Pictured here is a look at one of the 'new views' now with trees!
  • The beans are harvested, and averaged about 45 bu/acre

Hopefully I can provide a 'juicier' blog next week! Thanks for reading!!