Finding Inspiration


This is just a great little story - has nothing to do with Bonnie Mohr Studio, but rather our dairy farm, Glenmark Genetics, Inc.  For those of you who know about life on a dairy farm, you understand the pains of dealing with the frigid outdoor temps in MN each winter, and getting the outside work done in this cold weather.  You also know that on a dairy farm, the manure has to be hauled or cleaned daily, and the problems that can arise with sub-zero temps. This past weekend was a nightmare episode of "the plugged manure pit pipe."  I will spare you the details, because that's not what this blog is really about anyway.  In an effort to resolve this daunting crisis, John called our neighbor Kyle to come with his excavator and then Arnie's Sewer & Septic Tank Cleaning, and the two-day process began.  I've said it before - I believe that some of life's greatest moments come when you least expect them. In the middle of this ugly situation, Arnie once again was the knight in shining armor. Let me tell you about Arnie!  This man is 92 years old, and still actively runs his own business - and continues to live life as though he were really 62!  He arrived early Sunday morning, driving an oversized van that carried all the equipment to help us with this job.  He smiled and whistled as he went about his work, despite the conditions and inconveniences.  He told us he'd been to Iowa the day before, and that he would be getting brand new equipment by the end of the week, if we wanted to buy his old machine!  He told jokes in between the serious moments, and by the end of the day, had our problems fixed!  There was no magic wand involved here, but a man who loves life, lives each day to the fullest, and continues to be an inspiration to everyone!  Unbelievable!! Thank you Arnie - and thanks for reading...... Bonnie