Demo Day, Painting Update and More... OH, MY!

It is Demo-Day at Bonnie Mohr Studio!!  Chip and Joanna were not able to squeeze us in for this winter fixer-upper episode...but the show must go on!!  I am so excited that the work has finally begun, you can only plan it out on paper for so long and then it's just time to take a good whack and bring down the wall!

If you haven't heard, we are renovating the studio, which includes our small attached office house - and here is where it all began yesterday! The plan is to open this office up into a much bigger usable area, utilizing the front porch (which we never used) to double this office room.  (On a cool side note, we have Myron, Nick and Nate Schuette doing our remodel who also built our new house 14 years ago!  They are the best, welcome back guys!) 

 This week the flooring comes out too.  If all goes well, we will be restoring the beautiful red oak and fir floors that are under our now grungy carpet and linoleum. Seriously, what was I thinking putting that in 20 years ago- sheesh!  Can NOT believe I did that!!  The new kitchen cabinets are now in production as well - I am really stepping out of my boundaries here...I am abandoning my lifelong love affair with the natural beauty of stained wood and am going with "off white" cupboards!  I am praying they will look great!

I would like to share more big news...please welcome aboard my new Social Media Manager - Taylor Mohr!!!!  I am so pleased to announce that our third daughter, Taylor has joined the Bonnie Mohr Studio staff in this capacity...with a double major from the U of M Carlson school of Business, she is a perfect fit.  Her engagement and knowledge of what social media encompasses in this new age of marketing is real, 'trend-forward' thinking, and she has a 'cart wheeling vision' that I welcome with open arms!  Not only am I super excited about all her new ideas, but am thrilled to have one of our children assisting in the business! 

In between all the hoopla, I must squeeze in painting when and where I can.  Today I begin the 10th of 10 paintings in my new series....YES, YES - to be announced VERY SOON ; )  I PROMISE!

Have an awesome day!