Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true! Over the past 5 years I've had dancing thoughts of how cool my shop/studio would be if I would :

-Put a metallic epoxy coating on the showroom floors
-Cut larger openings into a couple of the walls and opened the place up a little more
- Hung track lighting (real track lighting like the real artists do!!)
-Update the kitchen with nice cupboards
-Refresh the whole shop with a new coat of paint
-Created an 'Originals Gallery', exclusively for my original paintings

...and so on! Well, with our studio renovation in full swing now, it is all happening, and it couldn't be more exciting! I would like to profess a positive skew on the old adage that things you hope for could turn out to be negative, (and not that this project is going to turn out perfect), but I am living proof that girls can be general contractors too, and that most things can really happen with enough planning, hard work and determination! (and if all else fails, run! Kidding - don't run, for sure you will trip and fall on a two by four, or the radiator lying about or something!) Here's a look at what's happening this week...

Look what we found...hard wood floors ; ) This is going to be so beautiful!

There is no job too big for Butch! If this whole remodel thing should take a turn into a friendly game of backyard football, I want him on my team!!

The shop has pretty well been stripped of all the "pretties"! The rest of this will go too, so construction can begin in the showroom area soon.

The display boards are down, and Laura vacuums the carpet before it comes up! Anybody need a great big piece of carpet...?

What's the best kind of neighbor you can have? An electrician of course! Kyle can fish a line anywhere to put a light where we really want it! THANK YOU KYLE!

And the moral of the story is...surround yourself with great people and it all just might come true!!

Today, I am feeling caught up with all the "details" and "lining things up" and I will be at the easel painting!! Yeah!

Enjoy this time of year...the days are getting longer already and soon we will be mowing the lawn!