Welcome, February!

The season of 'Love' officially kicks off today, it's February 1st and we are bringing back our 'I DO' wedding print give-away promotion because:

  1. It has been so successful for the past 3 years!
  2. Everyone loves winning something once in awhile!
  3. People are still falling in love!
  4. I DO celebrates love at its greatest commitment - getting married
  5. Valentine's Day is just 13 days away!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a framed I DO print beginning next Monday!  This is just your early bird reminder - and something fun to look forward to next week!

Did I mention there will be a HUGE, GINORMOUS, EPIC SALE coming up later this year?!  One of the great side notes of this whole renovation project of Bonnie Mohr Studio is we are cleaning, de-cluttering, minimizing, and letting go of everything and anything we no longer use or need.  And just like the last big spring "cleaning house" sale I had, and promised myself that it would be the last one, there is always "stuff" to get rid of because we like to shop, and update, and buy new things that we love and just have to have!  So mark your calendar now...we will be having the most incredible sale this summer - on July 15th, it will be called our Christmas in July Sale!  You will find treasurers, antiques, ding-and-dent items, things you must have, things you don't need but want anyway and so on!  

Meanwhile...the shop is transforming daily into something brand new and exciting!  This past week, we continued to tighten and condense to store everything - hopefully Nancy will find her way back out!

Tom and Ray have removed all of the pallet racking now from our framing room, which will become the new 'Originals Gallery' - so exciting!

I love this cabinet; Richie remembered how he put this thing together so he could take it apart for us.  Everything in the showroom needs to be removed in preparation for the new metallic epoxy floors and permanent walls that will be going in soon!

Remember to put us on your summer travel schedule - we'd love to see you on July 15th

Thanks for reading!