2017 Happenings

The word RENOVATION has become my new pulse - it means putting 'extra' into what is already 'full' and managing it with peace and calm so that I can sleep at night. Is this even possible? I will admit that the normal hum-drum of winter is anything but this year, with the overhaul that we are now fully engaged in at Bonnie Mohr Studio! We have secured all of the 'before' pictures and are already anticipating what the 'after' ones will unveil. Over the past week, the cabinetry from the studio kitchen was pulled out, the office work stations have been relocated, and the warehouse space and storage is being interrogated to the fullest! My second newest rule of life is 'use it or get rid of it'! By the time we are done throwing, reorganizing and condensing all of the 'stuff' in the warehouse the prognosis should be good...more space for more new stuff..!!

I've decided to step out of my old world warm brown wood tone look which I love, love, love and go with white kitchen cabinets. Sweet Martha...did you realize there are more than a thousand different shades of white...also know as ecru, ivory, cream, linen, eggshell, snow, chalk, and cool morning to name a few? But after a few days of review and narrowing it down, I settled on 'Rolling Seas'! I kind of felt like this was one of those 'One giant leap for mankind' moments when I finally chose my 'just right white'!

Today was the perfect opportunity for spontaneity...we were having a beautiful-borderline snowstorm-snowfall - the kind where everything looks sugar coated and fluffy and...well...beautifully white (kind of like 'Rolling Seas'), so I grabbed my camera and headed out for some candid 'cow in the snow shots'. I'm thinking this could be the beginnings of a new Christmas card for next year. It is always exhilarating to capture real life moments that might show up later in a painting, and...Remi LOVES the snow too, now that he has figured out what it is and that it really isn't food!

Here's to milk and the middle of January!