Cover Girl, Lucy!

What a glorious autumn day in MN!  For us "fall loving maniacs" - life does not get any better than today. It is an extra special day, because we had a new celebrity baby born on our farm early this morning!  Now that many of you are familiar with my new book, ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS - let me tell you about the 'front and center' Holstein girl on the cover....her name is Lucy!  She is one of the 'boss cows' in our herd - first one in the barn, first one out, and OWNS the first stall!! She was actually 6 months PG when I photographed her for the book cover, and she just delivered a beautiful baby girl!

On our farm the babies are named with the first letter of the mom's name....We need help naming this new baby girl!!! We invite you to submit some great girl names beginning with the letter  'L' ?  Submit your ideas via personal message on Facebook (click here) or email us using the form on our Contact page (click here).

We will announce her name in next week's blog!! Mother and baby are doing great...and Lucy will enter the milking herd string this evening, after her well deserved 2 1/2 month vacation!!

I'm not sure how it happened...but MEA is this week. Yikes!! That means lots of kids and lots of chaos around our house for the next few days.  Our boys are currently hunting geese, duck, deer and the Walleye are biting as well. Once again, my front entry looks like a mini showroom for Gander Mountain & Cabalas!! It is fun and exciting though...I made up my first crock-pot of duck breasts just the other night - delicious!

Mark your calendars for Nov. 7-8 for our first Holiday Open House!!  We are already beginning preparations. First time up, will be a wine tasting and cheese event on the 7th and book signing on both days! We are looking forward to it, and hope you can join us!

Enjoy October - already half gone!!

Thanks for reading...