And The Winner Is...

WOW - Thank you for ALL the baby name entries for Lucy's new baby girl!! Too bad John and I are DONE having children, I would definitely put it out there for name search with the awesome and overwhelming number of name ideas  that came in!  I would like to officially announce the winner......Lucy's new baby girls name will be LOLA! 

I love this name, and it was actually submitted by at least 10 people!! I would like to mention that Locket was a close second, love this name as well.  Our baby girl Lola has transitioned from being bottle fed to drinking out of a bucket all by herself!  She is fed milk morning and night, and free choice water all day long, as well as free choice molasses grain and long stem grass to start nibbling on!  Mother and baby are doing great!  Lola now lives in her very own indoor/outdoor calf hutch :)

The 2015 BONNIE MOHR Calendars are here and for sale online!!! Whoot whoot! Plan to order soon, our inventory is already getting into the 'low zone'.  They retail for $16 each, CLICK HERE to order and get more information. 

Speaking of calendars....we hope you will mark yours to attend our upcoming GALA EVENT at Bonnie Mohr Studio on Nov. 7th and 8th.  CLICK HERE for full details on our first ever wine tasting and cheese event.  My wrist has fully recovered from World Dairy Expo and I will be doing free personalization that evening!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Happy Fall, thanks for reading...