Happy Halloween!

Happy Almost Halloween!  Without even knowing what date it is on the calendar, you could guess it is almost Halloween - orange lights and corn shocks  adorn homes in the neighborhood, pumpkins dot the countryside like beeping icons, and the newspapers are advertising all of the local costume contests and party events for this weekend! 

I am preparing myself for our 13 year olds June birthday party - which never happened - and is now taking on the form of a Halloween party instead!  This time of year conjures up a cluster of emotions as Daylight Savings Time begins, the season of harvest coasts to a finish, and life all around prepares for dormancy.  Our family experienced the epitome  of these seasonal affects this past week with the passing of John's father.  There is no greater feeling of loss in the world than the passing of a loved one.  What a great man Clarence was.  He was, without doubt, one of the finest men I have ever known.  He was 100% integrity, honest, hardworking and a true testimony to the spirit of the American Farmer.  He passed away peacefully at the age of 92, in his own home, and left a legacy behindrich with honor, meaningful work, and love of life.  (Up until 10 years ago, Clarence was still milking his Holstein Cows, and up at 5 am each morning!) What a wonderful man, thank you Clarence for everything, we will miss you dearly!

Next week marks the season of change!  We are excited and busily preparing for our first Gala Holiday Event at Bonnie Mohr Studio!  Please mark your calendar and plan to join us if you can!!  Click here for details.  I am looking forward to seeing you, and will be doing book signing both Friday and Saturday We have just received new giftware into the studio and there will be many in-house specials - not to mention the cheese and wine tasting and other treats!  Yes, Becky Bakes will showcase her famous and delicious Holiday Cookies once again - we will see you soon!

Enjoy this day -

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