Countdown to Christmas

The countdown 8 days, the magic of Christmas will envelop the world! We will gather with family and friends, church bells will ring,  presents will be exchanged, stomachs will be gorged and we will celebrate the birth of our savior and Lord!  A special and wonderful time of the year - a marker to the 'near end' of another year that has zipped by all to quickly! Bonnie Mohr Studio is full of activity during these final days of Christmas preparation, making sure to ship each order daily as it comes in hopes to make all holiday destinations, barring any bad weather, pirates, or the inevitable recipient who shows up on the 'naughty list'!  The hot items this year have been hands down, ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS book, and THE BEAUTIFUL COW print! Two fine choices....we are thankful to everyone who shopped with Bonnie Mohr Studio this holiday season ;) !!!  

For those of you still struggling to find the perfect gift, we have just the prize! Our gift certificates are on sale today and tomorrow - and will be sure to arrive on time. For two days only, all gift certificates are 10% off, please use code GIFT10.

Are you  wondering who the cutie is featured in this week's blog...I bet some of you have already figured it out!  Yes, t is Lola! Lucy's baby calf...the featured cow, front and center on the book cover ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS! Lola is now 2 1/2 months old and loves living in Minnesota with all her other friends on our farm Glenmark Genetics!  Her best friend is Sophia - she lives in a calf hutch behind the barn - she was just weaned from milk and now gets fresh calf starter feed, grass hay and water each day!  (We just brought her into the barn for this photo shoot.)  Thought you would enjoy seeing her 2 1/2 month old pictures....Lola wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

Enjoy today, and the magic of this special time of the year.....thanks for reading!