Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is Everything by Bonnie Mohr

This has always been and still is one of my favorite paintings.....maybe as much because of the title as the image itself. I created this painting in the year 2000 to commemorate the millennium (wow, now there's a buzz-word you haven't heard for a long time) and celebrate the life of dairy farming. It is one of the few paintings of my own, that hangs in my house, and of which I am reminded daily that life isn't so much about 'what happens' as it is our attitude about it!  At the ripe old age of, well let's just say 'more than 40', I've come to realize that life really is what we make of it, and the attitude we bear may be the single most important influence on a happy and fulfilling life or one of mundane discontent. As the new year unfolds, I would just like to say 'CHARGE'! Despite low milk prices, high food prices, unnecessary violence, plummeting stock prices, oh and let's not forget about unaffordable health insurance premiums - I feel blessed and excited to begin again. The new year brings hope and a new beginning. A new chance to change your attitude and embrace the God-given life and all its wonder that we each have been blessed. So, if you have not made your new year's resolutions yet - do it now! Go ahead, get out an old fashioned sheet of notebook paper, grab a pen and write down the things you would like to accomplish this year. Just like me, and most everyone I can't change if you can't commit.  Writing it down creates a sense of reality and ownership. It is the first step in committing, accepting, and embracing the things you wish for yourself and your life.  It is the foundation and  guide to help you believe you can have the things you desire and it is the root to changing your attitude about life! You have 359 days coming at'ya - GOOD LUCK, embrace, and most of all have fun!

The studio once again submits to a its annual inventory management overhaul, warehouse cleaning, and refreshing the shop for the new year!  I am one lucky woman, my staff is excited about this!! I believe this calls for a 'potluck' on Thursday - because sometimes it is the little things in life that matter most!! When you are drenched in work, there is nothing like Tator-tot hotdish and leftover Christmas cookies to rejuvenate the soul......right?! Hey, like I mentioned - it's all about attitude ;)  We are excited for all the new paintings and projects that will unfold in 2016 - I promise to keep you posted as soon as I get my list made ; )

Thank you for taking time to read this blog - I realize you have more than 152 million of them to choose from and I am honored that you chose mine.  I am grateful to the customers who've made 2015 a wonderful year for Bonnie Mohr Studio and I am excited to create some special new works for you in the coming year.

Gratefully yours -